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Private Healthcare Exchanges - New York Location

The Road Ahead

While questions remain about the long-term viability of the public health care exchanges, which are set to launch their second open enrollment this fall, employers and their advisers continue to weigh the pros and cons of private health care exchanges.

The Affordable Care Act's excise tax is looming, and benefit plan sponsors are looking for solutions to keep the cost of their health care plans below the government-mandated thresholds. Recent research suggests that up to three-quarters of employers are concerned about triggering the excise tax when it goes into effect in 2018. And while private health care exchanges seem like a viable way to avoid the excise tax and deliver a more customized benefits package to workers, employers and their benefit advisers continue to search for evidence that these private exchanges can indeed deliver better value than current funding models.

Welcome to the Private Healthcare Exchanges Conference - New York, where we will navigate this growing industry, offer first-hand expertise from employers, brokers and consultants about the challenges of implementing a private exchange, and provide valuable insights for you to take back to your CFO and employer-clients.


Andrea Davis
Managing Editor
Employee Benefit News