Past Attendee Testimonials

As CFO of Veritext, managing the employee and financial aspect of health and wellness benefits increases in importance every day. I’ve been attending BFE for 5 years now and I am amazed at how much I learn each time I attend.

The ability to network with peers facing the same challenges, as well as to meet industry experts is critical in staying ahead of the curve in this ever changing and important facet of our business."
   —Rich Antoneck, CFO,
       Veritext Deposition &
       Litigation Services

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Hottest New Technology


Get the lastest on the hottest new technologies that will help reduce your organizatin's benefits cost and ghear from the companies that successfully use them.

Cutting Edge: Using Telehealth to Reduce Absenteeism and Improve Productivity
Telemedicine is the newest approach to delivering healthcare to employees and dependents that can reduce the average cost of an office visit from $170 to $10 for the telemedicine consultation. It also reduces emergency room visits, which average more than $1300 each, by 50 percent. Simple, LLC, a telemedicine consultant to employers and brokers nationwide, will talk about the logistics and ROI of telemedicine and be joined by a client that has recently implemented a telemedicine program.

Portal Technologies: Bolster Employee Satisfaction and ROI
By using examples of the latest software and technology and award-winning employee portals, this session will outline how companies can more efficiently manage employees' medical and health information, reduce human resources staff workload, and lower expenses.

The Best Mobile Apps for Benefits
Whether it’s accessing providers or prescriptions via iPhone, or logging wellness activities in an Android app, mobile applications are putting benefits plans and programs in the palms of employees hands. This session will explore some of the most interesting mobile applications gaining ground in the benefits world.