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3:45 - 4:15 Brian WaltersChris Walters


The American Student Debt Crisis and Pending Employer Student Loan Legislation


Brian Walters
SVP, GradFin

Chris Walters
CEO, GradFin


Session Description

As the nation’s student debt levels have more than doubled in the past ten years from $600 billion in 2006 to over $1.3 trillion in 2017, America is at a critical point to deal with this massive issue. Over 70% of recent college graduates are burdened with student debt and the Class of 2016 graduated with an average of $35,000 in student debt.  Efforts are under way in many states and the federal government to empower companies to offer student loan repayment programs as a benefit.  GradFin’s CEO, Chris Walters, and Head of Business Development, Brian Walters, will discuss the growing student loan crisis and its impact on Americans young and old, as well as describe the state and federal legislation that, if passed into law, will propel the student loan industry forward and help millions of Americans repay their student debt faster.


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