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3:20 - 4:00 Matt BermanBart Yancey


Control Health Care Costs Once and For All with Engagement, Transparency and Advocacy Solutions


Matt Berman
Health & Welfare, USI Insurance Services

Bart Yancey
Co-Founder and CEO, DirectPath


Session Description

Benefits are confusing. Choosing the right plan can be daunting for employees, which is why many take the "easy" option of passively rolling over coverage. The problem is that this approach can cause significant, and avoidable, expenses for both employer and employee.
DirectPath CEO Bart Yancey and USI Insurance Services' SVP of Health and Welfare Matt Berman will address why employers must proactively engage employees on benefit options to help them secure quality care while controlling costs.

Attendees will learn:
-How proactive, personalized employee engagement can steer employees to health care coverage that meets their needs while limiting unnecessary costs
-Why transparency and advocacy services can further boost cost savings by enabling employees to compare costs and select procedures and treatment options that won't break the bank
-How to implement engagement, transparency and advocacy services most effectively


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