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10:15 - 10:45 James J. Donelon


Keynote: Appreciating the Value of Agents, Brokers & Consultants in the Variable Healthcare Insurance Market


James J. Donelon
Commissioner of Insurance, State of Louisiana


Session Description

With rising costs and the continued wrangling over the viability of the Affordable Care Act, it’s an eventful time in the field of health. More than five years after its implementation, consumers still have plenty of concerns about whether they can afford coverage, what their options are, and narrower networks that may limit their access to preferred health care providers. Beyond that, on the industry side, agents must keep up with changing rules in order to offer products that were once a lot less complicated. This session will also address value-added services and how agents and brokers can comply with state laws in place. It’s a challenging, but exciting time, to work in health insurance - and the flurry of developments and the complexity of many of these issues help bring home the reality of just how valuable agents, brokers and consultants can be. 


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