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8:25 - 9:00 Kevin Kruse


Keynote - From Me To We: Creating a Culture of Engagement, Alignment and Loyalty


Kevin Kruse
New York Times Bestselling Author


Session Description

Based on his NY Times bestseller, We, Kevin will share the surprising findings from a massive study of 10 million workers in 150 countries, along with his own experiences as a former “Best Place to Work” award-winning CEO. He will reveal the ways that emotions at work spill over to other areas of our life, and shows how growth, recognition and trust are the three keys to gaining massive emotional commitment and performance. Your audience will learn:
•          How “the engagement-profit chain” enables companies with engaged workers to achieve a 5x higher shareholder return
•          How the crossover effect causes emotions at work to impact their health, marriage and children
•          The secrets to building trust and future confidence (even during tough times or mergers!)
•          How 3-part “strategic recognition” can be used as a powerful motivator

Kevin concludes his talk with his signature, two-minute anchoring activity that prompted one participant to say, “You just changed my entire leadership focus. I’m walking out of here with a completely new mindset. Thank you.”


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