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2:50 - 3:35 Wendy KingStephanie Laws


Taking it to the Bank: How a National Financial Institution Turned High Stress, High Cost Population Into a Healthy, High Performing Culture


Wendy King
Director of Health & Performance, HUB International

Stephanie Laws
EVP, and Chief Adminsitrative Officer, Crescent Bank


Session Description

HUB International and its client, Crescent Bank, share their story of turning their 650 employee group, that was largely inactive, stressed-out, and unhealthy, into an invigorated culture of health.  Leadership adopted rigorous strategic planning, and intensive project management to sky-rocket employee participation over 300% in 3 years.  The new plan revamped vendor strategy, redesigned the incentive structure, developed a wellness champions committee, initiated location-specific initiatives, and moved from a participatory to a health-contingent program.  The result?  Crescent Bank employees who fully engage in the wellness program, cost the health plan 50% less than non-participants and report being healthier and happier on the job. Now that's bank!


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