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3:50 - 4:35 April ConsuloAngie Pruitt


Win the War for Top Talent


April Consulo
Vacation Benefits Specialist, ROVIA

Angie Pruitt
Manager, Compensation & Benefits, The General


Session Description

Over 400 million vacation days are going unused every year which is accounting for a 300 Billion Dollar Price tag to employers for worker burnout and stress caused illness and depression. Many companies are starting to see the major significance on a well rested employee. From Retaining and Engaging Top Talent to Heart attack and Depression Reduction, many of these issues can be cured just from taking a few days off of uninterrupted vacation time. This session will teach the employer how to reduce stress with their most valuable asset their employees and why travel matters in the workplace and how it can experience up to an 82% increase in job performance post trip and a more engaged employee.

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