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2:00 - 2:45 Will BondurantBeth Jackman


Maximize Employee Engagement by Leveraging Technology


Will Bondurant
Director, Product Marketing, Castlight Health

Beth Jackman
Global Benefits Administration Director, Cummins Inc.


Session Description

HR leaders are leveraging new technologies to move away from a one-size-fits-all engagement strategy to one that is personal, relevant and timely. Companies like Cummins are deploying new platforms so employees have a simple and convenient experience for all their health and well-being needs.  With these solutions in place, available via desktop or mobile, Cummins helps employees avoid unnecessary care and wasteful spending with guidance on benefits programs, care options, and price comparisons, while lowering healthcare costs for themselves and the company. Executives from Castlight and Cummins will discuss why industry thought leaders rely on these technological innovations to help employees make smart choices, and why it’s important to  find a solution where you can  actually see and measure results.



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