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10:00 - 10:45 Nate RandallOron AfekBenjamin PittsJennifer Schneider, MD


Innovation in Employee Benefits Ecosystem


Nate Randall
Founder and President, Ursa Major Consulting

Oron Afek
CEO and Founder, BookMD

Benjamin Pitts
CEO, myFinancialAnswers

Jennifer Schneider, MD
CMO, Livongo


Session Description

In this session, join in on the discussion between moderator and benefits innovation expert Nate Randall and a panel of founders within the digital benefits solution space. Learn about new technologies and how major investments in the space are helping to shape the future of employee benefits. Attendees will take home practical tips on how to; navigate the ever growing and complex ecosystem of innovation in employee benefits, forge meaningful relationships with early stage companies and quickly deploy low risk high impact solutions for little to no cost. 



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