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4:15 - 5:00 Joe DonlanLeslie Vander Gheynst, PHR


Employer Case Study: Building a Four-Cornerstone Strategy For Your Exchange in a Digital World


Joe Donlan
SVP, Segment Leader - Broker Business, Connecture

Leslie Vander Gheynst, PHR
Director of HR and Recruiting, Keller Williams


Session Description

Years after their inception, exchanges are still grabbing headlines from the momentum they’ve built in the employer world. Although bending the cost curve in healthcare is a tricky proposition, businesses are looking to exchanges as a way to drive down costs around their benefits programs, while also offering their employees more choice and control over their benefits. With exchange technology serving as a foundational piece to their benefits programs, employers have learned to augment their strategies in new and creative ways to get the results they want. 

In this session, Joe Donlan (ConnectedHealth President) and Austin-based Leslie Vander Gheynst (Director of Human Resources at Keller Williams) will discuss how companies of any size can leverage the capabilities of an exchange to focus on four cornerstones of employee benefits. Specifically, they will guide participants through:   

  • How to leverage exchange technology to help employees get a holistic picture of four key cornerstones of their life: health, income, assets and future savings
  • A real-life case study focusing on Keller Williams’ efforts to implement a comprehensive benefits program for their agents nationwide using exchange technology and other "plug-in" services



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