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8:30 - 9:40 Cedric HutchingsMaayan CohenRobby KnightBrian Berchtold


Digital Wellness Tools - Catalysts for Real Change


Cedric Hutchings
Co-founder and CEO, Withings

Maayan Cohen
CEO, Hello Heart

Robby Knight
Sr. Manager Product Development, Growth, & Innovation, Walmart Health & Wellness

Brian Berchtold
Vice President Sales & Marketing, hubbub health


Session Description

Peak performance in the workplace requires peak performance in other areas of employees’ lives. Incentives created by the ACA and proven cost of care reductions at larger firms through wellness programs has SMBs taking notice. Technology in the space has been explosive and yet challenges continue to loom such as privacy concerns and measuring success. This session will help employers get their baring’s as we take a look at a mix of some of the leading players in the space and prep you with key questions you need to be asking to make workplace wellness better in 2016.


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