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8:15 - 9:00


General Session: Implication of Consumer-Driven Healthcare


Teresa White
EVP; COO, Aflac Columbus


Session Description

While the Great Recession may have claimed the spotlight over the past several years, an equally pervasive predicament has been brewing for businesses and consumers alike – the meteoric rise of health care costs. With health spending rising at more than three times the rate of inflation businesses are desperately seeking solutions to simply contain the continued rise. To help stem costs, employers have embraced the idea of consumer-driven health care more quickly than consumers.  However, the 2013 Aflac WorkForces Report found that 72 percent of workers have not heard of the phrase “consumer-driven health care.” Of those who had, 38 percent said that although they have heard of the phrase, they don’t understand it very well or at all.  Several key tactics and strategies can help organizations successfully move towards consumer-driven options and ensure their workforce remains adequately engaged in and protected by their health insurance benefit decisions.

Highlights will include:

•How more business leaders are embracing cost-friendly consumer-driven models, but consumers are largely unequipped and unprepared to effectively take the reins.

•The long-term implications for businesses taking a short-term approach of shifting control and responsibility of health insurance decisions to workers.

•How Organizations can differentiate themselves by becoming highly-knowledgeable and maintaining an active role in workers’ benefit management, reaping long-term rewards. 


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