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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Track: Pre-Conference: Financial Wellness at Work View Track


Moderator: Liz Davidson, Founder & CEO, FINANCIAL FINESSE
Panelist: Annette Grabow, Manager of Retirement Benefits, M.A. MORTENSON COMPANY, 2010 BENNY AWARD WINNER
Panelist: David D. Mancl, Director of the Office of Financial Literacy, WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (DFI)
Panelist: Becky MacDicken, Workplace Financial Education Specialist, PENNSYLVANIA OFFICE OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION

Discover best practices you can use to build a financial education program tailored to the needs of your workforce.

  • Assess your employees’ financial wellness and overall retirement plan preparedness
  • Design and deploy a financial education program that directly addresses your employees’ needs and your strategic HR objectives
  • Effectively market your financial education programs to garner high levels of employee participation
  • Select the right financial education vendor for your specific needs and evaluate the effectiveness of your financial education programs

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